23 , September 2017

1.‘It is for States to crack down on cow vigilantes’
Source: The Hindu

It is the state government’s prime responsibility to crack down on cow vigilante groups.Chief Secretaries of 22 States to file their compliance reports on steps taken and also appoint a nodal police officer in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police, to prevent cow vigilantes, or ‘gau rakshaks’ as they call themselves, from “taking the law or becoming a law unto themselves.”

Who are Cow Vigilantes?

  • Vigilante is a form of the word “vigilant,” which means keeping a watchful or close eye on events and people.
  • If you’re a vigilante, you might take the law into your own hands by trying to catch or punish someone in your own way.


2.Next PSLV launch in November-December
Source: The Hindu

  • Aerospace Technologies, AseT 2017, was organized by the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) and the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.
  • ISRO Chairman said the next launch of the PSLV will be in November-December.
  • Certifying a system or a technology for actual usage is a problem which was similar among the developing countries, says Chairman of ISRO.
  • Government agencies and industry partners could design, build, and realise products.
  • Technology needs to be consistently upgraded so that India was globally competitive in the sector.
  • There was a need to accelerate commercialization of technologies we developed. The nation faced a major lacuna in terms of design capabilities.


3.Nirbhaya scheme in disarray: SC
Source: The Hindu

A 10-year-old rape survivor from Chandigarh who recently gave birth, has not received the Rs.9 lakh due to her from the Central Victim Compensation Fund under the Nirbhaya scheme.

  • Money is provided as a fixed deposit to tackle the psychological well-being, medical treatment and education of the victim.
  • It was part of the total Rs.10 lakh the Supreme Court had awarded her while denying her an abortion. So far, her family has received only Rs.1 lakh.
  • The disbursal of compensation to sexual assault victims under the Nirbhaya scheme, started in 2013 following the brutal gang-rape and death of a 23-year-old student in Delhi.
  • The Centre has disbursed Rs.200 crore each to the States to compensate sexual assault victims under the Nirbhaya fund. Yet the disbursal to the victims is delayed.
  • Few States have spent the money on CCTV cameras and other “paraphernalia” rather than using it to pay compensation to the human victims of sexual assault and abuse.

 About the Nirbhaya Fund

  • Nirbhaya Fund is an Indian rupee 10 billion corpus announced by Government of India in its 2013 Union Budget.
  • This fund is expected to support initiatives by the government and NGOs working towards protecting the dignity and ensuring safety of women in India.
  • Nirbhaya (fearless) was the pseudonym given to the 2012 Delhi gang rape victim to hide her actual identity.
  • The Ministry of Women and Child Development, along with several other concerned ministries, will work out details of the structure, scope and the application of this fund.


4.NITI Aayog’s SATH Program launched in Assam
Source: PIB

National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog’s SATH (Sustainable Action for Transforming Human capital) Program was launched in in Guwahati, Assam. The SATH program aims to provide structured support to Assam in identifying key health priorities and implement the solutions towards transforming the health and improving the well-being of people of state.

SATH program

  • The vision of SATH program is to initiate transformation in education and health sectors.
  • It embodies the philosophy of co-operative federalism to addresses the need expressed by many states for technical support from NITI Aayog.
  • The program will be implemented by NITI along with McKinsey & Company and IPE Global consortium, who were selected through a competitive bidding process.

SATH Program aims to build three selected states viz. Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka as future ‘role model’ states for health systems. Under it, NITI Aayog will work in close collaboration with state machinery in these three selected states to design a robust roadmap of intervention, develop program governance structure, set up monitoring and tracking mechanisms, handhold state institutions through the execution stage and provide support on a range of institutional measures to achieve the end objectives.


5. India’s first bond index series launched by SBI:FTSE SBI Bond Index
Source: The Hindu

State Bank of India (SBI) along with FTSE Russell, global index and data provider launched FTSE SBI Bond Index series at London Stock Exchange (LSE). It is India’s first bond index series for overseas investors. It launch follows November 2015 visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in UK when letter of intent was signed between SBI and FTSE to jointly develop new index tracking Indian fixed income securities.

About FTSE SBI Bond Index

FTSE SBI Bond Index is positioned as first-of-its-kind transparent and reliable benchmark for investors in international markets to analyse India’s government bond market. It will significantly contribute to development and broadening of Indian bond market. It demonstrates SBI’s commitment to play befitting leadership role in development of India’s bond market.


6.Strident Pakistan presses for UN envoy on Kashmir
Source: The Hindu

Pakistan blames India and Afghanistan for the volatile security situation in the region. Pakistan denies that it is harbouring terrorists who target both the countries and also denies any role for Pakistan in supporting the Taliban.

Islamabad has diverted international military and development aid towards creating “a dangerous infrastructure of terror on its own territory,”

Pakistani Prime Minister sought the appointment of a special UN envoy on Kashmir, and accused India of human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.The Pakistan PM told the UNGA that “…if India does venture across the LoC or acts upon its doctrine of “limited” war against Pakistan, it will evoke a strong and matching response,” he said, adding that his country had “faced unremitting hostility” from India.

Abbasi sought an international investigation into “India’s crimes in Kashmir.”


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